About Us

The best way to learn to fly


Pacific Blue Air is a Light Sport Aircraft training facility based

in the scenic city of Los Angeles. We offer introductory flight

lessons as well as intermediate and advanced flight training in our

state-of-the art aircraft..

Henry Boger - Chief Flight Instructor



Henry began his adventures in aviation over 25 years ago when

he became certified by the FAA as an instrument-rated private

pilot, flight instructor and master parachute rigger.

Shortly thereafter, Henry went on to become a skydiving

instructor with the United States Parachute Association. He has

over 10,000 skydives, 7,000 of which were training jumps with

first time students.

In addition to his experience as a flight and skydiving instructor,

Henry is also an aerial cinematographer, sky surfer, PADI scuba dive master and world-renowned BASE jumper. He is passionate about instruction, aviation, and adventure.

Doug Smith - Senior Flight Instructor



Doug spent the best part of his childhood falling asleep in the back seat of his dad's airplane. Years later, he became a pilot and built his own Experimental Trike to fly around the Desert. Today he is an FAA certified flight instructor in both Weight Shift Control Trikes and Gyro Planes.


After years of working in the film industry he met Henry Boger who convinced him to join the team at Pacific Blue Air as an Instructor Pilot, coming full circle, and returning to his first love in flying.

Doug will say that the greatest satisfaction that he gets from flying is teaching, and seeing the joy that it brings to his students.

John Butcher - Manager



John comes to us from Lincoln, England. He is both Instrument and Commercial rated in single and multi engine aircraft. A specialist in aerial warfare with an emphasis on the Battle of Britain. He races historic race cars and played rugby for England's under 19 team.